Pegasus Agritech is one of the largest owners and operators of hydroponic farming facilities in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA). Our head office is strategically located in Dubai and serves as the headquarters for our growing and distribution network.

We have revolutionized the growth of fruit and vegetables in the area by implementing the latest technology in the production process and removing the need for foreign imports. We use premium seeds from Europe that are planted in a bed of rock wool and fed water and nutrients via a state of the art hydroponics system. The technology minimizes human interaction, and the resulting damage to crops, and is ongoing seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Pegasus Agritech team has over 150 years of combined market experience from different sectors around the world. They ensure our distributors, consumers and stakeholders reap the benefits of bringing locally grown organic food to the GCC.

As we employ an ethical local-to-local philosophy, growing locally and selling in the surrounding areas, we have a substantially lower carbon footprint than our competitors. We do not use pesticides or fertilizer on any of our crops and the hydroponics method has the added benefit of using 90% less water than traditional agriculture. This is how we are helping the MENA region attain food security. In 2012, GCC food imports stood at 26.6 Billion USD. Currently, nearly 98% of the food in the GCC is imported. We are changing this. By 2025, we are looking to be able to provide at least 25% of the overall total of fresh produce to the GCC.